Support by the general contractor when building a house with experience of auernovum. Mödling

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling

auernovum is your partner when building a house with the experience of more than 300 built houses.

The plot

Try to get sufficient information about your building plot and choose carefully the place for your new house. We will gladly assist you during inspection on the site and we will consult you with our extensive experience of auernovum. Viewing appointments on the plot are free of charge.

Use of space

Building a house with bricks offers various design possibilities. Our architects have extensive experience in planning and they are able to optimise your wishes for an optimum use of space. This will save time and money for you!

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling

The construction

All auernovum construction sites are documented in all details. Construction management/project management on the construction site supervise quality and the execution of construction works. We coordinate all ordered services, we present a construction schedule with all details and we officially accept all performed construction works. auernovum construction sites are managed with excellence, nothing is left to chance, quality of execution is our main issue-because you can rely on auernovum.

Build with a partner like auernovum from Mödling, relax and look forward to your house of dreams!

auernovum . BUILDING WITH STYLE . Mödling

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling