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Approximately 20 years ago low energy houses became popular as they combine healthy living with low heating costs: modern solid construction methods and architectoral exclusiveness together with high energy efficiency! In a low energy house you live very comfortably and the reason is permanent fresh air supply and warmer wall surface temperature. We will build you low energy house completely according to your expectations.

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling

The advantages of a low energy house

You want your dream house and it should offer also additonal living comfort, protect the environment and decrease you operating costs?

When you will build with auernovum, we are looking forward to explain all details – energy efficient building is a pioneering technology and will offer you cosiness and comfort due to an improved indoor climate. You will save a lot of heating costs due to an excellent insulation of exterior walls, roof, ceiling and basement floor, as well as windows and most modern heating technology.

Everything with perfect insulation

The windows are sealed, but the walls are breathing, this would be a good explanation for a low energy house. Everything with perfect insulation! Quite often heat pumps are used together with floor or wall heating in order to save additonal energy. Low energy houses are built in compact style in order to avoid energy losses and they are insulated with high quality innovative insulating material.

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling

The nearly zero energy house

The nearly zero energy house is supplied exclusively with renewable energy sources, for example thermic solar plants, heating pumps or central heating with pellets. Energy efficiency is high, energy consumption is low-approximately one third lower than with a low energy house. Comfortable ventilation provides an excellent indoor climate with outstanding air quality. Minimising thermal bridges and complete air sealing also enhance the comfortable indoor climate. We use exclusively ecological insulation material. We know how to plan and build nearly zero energy houses and we are looking forward to implement the house of your dreams!

auernovum from Mödling-we build low and nearly zero energy houses with style in Mödling
auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling