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Your semi-detached house built by auernovum in Mödling

As a rule the semi-detached house is consisting of two autonomous buildings on two adjacent plots which are separated by a firewall precisely at the boundary of the plot. The houses often look alike, but this is no strictly binding rule. Compact building is the new tendency, because also in the cities semi-detached house can be an interesting alternative.

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling

More than 300 houses built ba auernovum!

Bricks are an excellent material

Builders auernovum use massive constructive methods which are state-of-the-art. No other building material has comparable characteristics like bricks as far as sound-insulation, heat-insulation and fire protection are concerned. Indoor climate is healthy and very pleasant because the inner ares of bricks provides perfect humidity regulation.

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We build your semi-detached house with bricks in massive construction-auernovum in Mödling

auernovum . Bauen mit Stil . Mödling