There are different tastes and therefore there are different ways to design rooms. We recommend to tell us your ideas in time. Once the implementation plan is on the building site, it will be executed-if something is missing at that time it costs money and time to change it later on. We would like to consider your individual ideas already during the project phase.

>> Kitchen, bathroom or living room-a well-planned overall concept helps to  create harmonic holistic architecture, rooms and interiour <<

Planning of furniture

+ from classical to top-modern

+ according to individual desires

+ considered already in the project phase

+ including illumination concept

Custom work in kitchen/bathroom

+ complete planning

+ connecting function and design

+ including detailed installation planning

+ of electric, water and light supply

Architecture of the room

+ detailed planning

+ static construction: material, weights etc.

+ estetics: shape, colour etc.

+ matching with garden architecture

 „How much and which light is needed for which purpose on which place? Well-planned illumination considers different areas and purposes of the rooms.“



Essential illumination

+ used for orientation

+ can be a signpost, for illumination

+ light directed to the ceiling or for an even light distribution

+as an option:dim ligh

Illumination of special zone

+ brightens individual zones

+ light for special purposes

+ light for special activities, for example at the dinner table, working place

+ accentuated light emission, for example spots.

Light for a special atmosphere

+ highlighting and accentuating

+ magical for a cosy living atmosphere

+ your room becomes a special stage in the evening

+ light points for example installed in the floor

„ A fireplace must be planned durng the project phase – even when it is installed at a  later moment. Characteristics like weight and incoming air must be determined in advance.“


The open fireplace:

+ archetype of modern heating fireplaces

+ romantic element of room design

+ only optical features: no heat output

+ can be heated also with ethanol

The heating fireplace

+ ready-made heating technics with transparent opening

+ mounted on site

+ glazed tiles used for storing heat

+ air is heated by continuously  adding wood

+ even heat radiation

The tiled stove

+ complete oven for storing heat

+ combustion of all wood per heating process

+ homogenous glazed tile coating

+ quick and regular heat emission to the room

+ the whole house can be heated

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