Your wine storage can become the „ high-light of the house“ – we will show you how!  With a vault made of bricks. Thus style and function can be linked in a perfect way. We consider your individual taste with classical or modern design.

Calm, cool, without any vibrations

+ bricks: ideal for temperature compensation

+ cool storage without any vibrations

+ no artificial air conditioning required

+ different shapes are possible: vaults, arches or pillars

Can be expanded by modules

+ as subterranean connection

+ integrated in the house

+ as an individual building in the garden

+ as a „simple“ storage

Classy and stylish

+ stone  shelves creating a unique atmosphere

+ „wine-friendly“ : indirect LED lights

+ may be combined with wood, glass or metal

+ if requested 3 D planning in advance possible



Your living space in the garden

With play of water, biotope or a  fountain? Modern layout or a romantic jungle? We plan your garden together with you and show you how to give a special touch to your green oasis. Functional elements like stairs and walls can also become a unique eyecatcher with suitable forms and materials.

Natural stone: old and time-proven

+ various colours, shapes and structures
+ can be used for paths, stairs and walls
+ natural material: easy to maintain and robust
+ great effects by combining wood, metal and light

Water play: the music in nature

+ various sizes and shapes
+ can be a well stone or a stainless steel bedding
+ individual design
+ for terraces or gardens

Biotope or swimming pond

+ individual design
+ living space for humans and animals
+ self-cleaning, no chemical agents required
+ insignificant maintenance

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