Protect the environment and reduce costs? This is no contradiction! Based on an energy concept, which shall be designed at the beginning of the project we shall analyze different versions for heating, water heating or ventilation. Besides technical details production, consumption and operation costs are important.  Solid planning will guarantee your economical operation with low maintenance costs.

Heat pump: cost efficient and eco-friendly

¬    utilization of free environmental energy
¬    heating, cooling, water heating
¬    independent of oil and gas
¬    ideal for a low-energy house
¬    quick amortisation, state subsidies
¬    no chimney required
¬    saves space, low maintenance costs

Pellet heating: clean heating by pressing a button

¬    central heating without oil or gas
¬    pellets (pressed sawdust)
¬    High caloric value
¬    reliable supply and eco-friendly
¬    CO2-neutral combustion
¬    clean and easy filling
¬    simple operation

Gas combustion units( gas condensing boiler) : state-of-the-art technology

¬    for heating and water heating
¬    low investment costs
¬    low installation cost
¬    uses heat in water steam
¬    special cost saving effect
¬    efficient use: 109 % of standard  rate of use

Solar energy: solar power for water and heating

>using free solar energy
>for water heating and heating (supporting effect)
>covering up to 80 % of annual hot water consumption
>saving of heating energy (20 – 30 %)
> quick amortisation

Photovoltaic unis: additional energy production

Using of free solar energy
¬    for eco-friendly production of electric current
¬    transformation into alternating current
¬    state subsidies can be obtained
¬    easy installation on roofs or facades
¬    or self-supporting on special constructions
¬    can be easily combined with heat pumps

Ventilation units: important for passive houses

Hygienic fresh air
¬    due to permanent air exchange
¬    noise reduction as windows are closed
¬    reduction of pollen
¬    reduction of heating energy consumption
¬    required element for passive houses

Electrical installations

¬    laying of lines and mounting
¬    routers, lamps, electric devices etc.
¬    motion sensors, switches, plugs etc.
¬    circuit breakers
¬    including final measuring of protection measures

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