A state-of-the-art home movie theatre? Your smartphone can control the entire house electronics? High-tech on all levels – welcome to the new way of living. In our electric planning we can consider unlimited possibilities to adapt your living room to your style of life. A very special trend: central control with KNX/EIB-bus.

KNX/EIB-bus: everything with central control

The European installation bus KNX/EIB is the intelligent and flexible connecting link for all your technical house equipment. It enhances safety of persons and property, provides efficient use of energy and increases living comfort. All units can be integrated via the bus.

¬    central control of all technical units
¬    indication of conditions on displays, PC or TV
¬    control of heating, sunblinds and shutters (time, weather)
¬    switching and control of light and units
¬    simulation of presence and  burglar protection
¬    tele-signals via ISDN, local networks and internet


Wired alarm systems: for your special safety

Best for new buildings and bigger reconstructions – provided that the installation is already considered during planning. There is a great variety of danger detectors and operation possibilities. In principle control is performed with a service unit, on which all main indications are shown /activated/not activated/ open windows/ doors, defaults etc.) According to the system you  have different activating areas. So the unit can be activated even when you are inside  the protected building. Alerting is performed via one or more internal sirens placed in different central points in the house. Combined with one or more external sirens, which call different telephone numbers in case of alert.

Vacuum cleaner unit: practical and clean

+ just plug in the hose and start vacuum cleaning
+ concentrated collection of dirt and filtering
+ less contamination with dust, mites and bacteria etc.
+ very convenient for persons suffering from allergies or asthma
+ no consumables required
+ no pulling of heavy devices
+ permanent strong suction performance

Climatic ceiling: best for persons suffering from allergies

+ integrated ceiling-pipe system instead of conditioning units
+ operating without any noise
+ low energy system – reduced CO2 emission
+ permanent comfortable atmosphere in the rooms
+ no dust swirling

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